Prosecution – DA

Prosecution or District Attorney (DA) is a government-appointed lawyer who represents the state or government in criminal proceedings against individuals or organizations.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services refer to medical and therapeutic interventions provided to individuals with mental health conditions to manage symptoms and promote recovery.

Public Safety

In criminal justice behavioral health, public safety refers to policies and practices aimed at protecting individuals and communities from harm and criminal activity.

Racial & Social Justice

In criminal justice behavioral health, racial-social-justice refers to policies and practices aimed at addressing disparities and inequities related to race and social status.


Reentry refers to the process of reintegrating individuals with behavioral health issues back into their communities after incarceration to reduce recidivism.


Reporting is the act of documenting and communicating information, such as incidents, observations, or data, often required in the criminal justice and behavioral health fields.

Screening & Assessments

Screening assessments are brief evaluations used to identify individuals who may require further assessment or treatment for behavioral health issues.

Sequential Intercept Model (SIM)

The Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) is a framework that outlines points of intervention for individuals with mental illness or substance use disorders in the criminal justice system.

Service Providers

Service providers refer to organizations or agencies that offer a range of behavioral health services to individuals and communities.


Data sharing refers to the exchange of information among stakeholders to facilitate coordinated and effective care.

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