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RTI International

RTI International is a research institute that focuses on solving global issues through scientific research, development, and the implementation of innovative approaches.

RTI International

RTI International is a research institute that focuses on solving global issues through scientific research, development, and the implementation of innovative approaches.

California State Association of Counties

The California State Association of Counties (CSAC) is a professional organization that represents the interests of Californias 58 counties at the state and federal levels. The CSAC provides a range of services and resources to support county officials and staff, including policy advocacy, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance in areas such as finance, human resources, and risk management. The association is committed to advancing policies and practices that promote the health and well-being of Californias residents, and to advocating for county governments as an essential partner in the delivery of public services and the stewardship of public resources.

Human Services Research Institute

The Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in research, evaluation, and consulting services for individuals and organizations in the human services field. They work with government agencies, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to provide research and evaluation on a range of topics, including mental health, substance use, developmental disabilities, and child welfare. HSRI aims to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families by providing evidence-based practices and innovative solutions that promote independence, health, and well-being. Their work includes program evaluation, data analysis, policy development, technical assistance, and training for human services professionals.

National Sheriffs Association

The National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of sheriffs, law enforcement professionals, and public safety officials across the United States. The NSA provides a variety of services to its members, including training and professional development opportunities, policy development and advocacy, and access to resources and information related to law enforcement and public safety. The organization also works to foster collaboration and communication among sheriffs and other law enforcement professionals, as well as between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Overall, the NSA is an important resource for those involved in law enforcement and public safety, providing a platform for professional development and advocacy on issues relevant to their work.

Safe Communities Institute

The Safe Communities Institute (SCI) is a research center at the University of Southern Californias Sol Price School of Public Policy that focuses on advancing public safety and security. The SCI conducts research, develops policy, and provides training to law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals. The center also works to promote community engagement and partnerships between law enforcement and the public. The SCI aims to bridge the gap between academia and the practice of public safety by promoting evidence-based policies and best practices. It offers a range of programs, including research initiatives, seminars, and workshops, as well as degree programs and certificate courses.

Center for Effective Public Policy

The Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) is a nonprofit organization that provides training, technical assistance, research, and policy development services to help criminal justice and community organizations enhance public safety and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. Established in 1981, CEPP offers expertise in evidence-based practices, risk and needs assessments, community supervision, offender reentry, victim services, and other topics. CEPP partners with state and local agencies, foundations, and other organizations to promote collaboration and innovation in the criminal justice field. Their mission is to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities affected by crime and incarceration.

Impact Justice

Impact Justice (IJ) is a national innovation and research center based in Oakland, California, focused on transforming the justice system by working collaboratively with communities, public systems, and social science research partners. IJ uses an evidence-based approach to address issues such as racial disparities, youth justice, restorative justice, and prison reform. The organization works to bring together community leaders, government officials, and researchers to develop and implement new programs and policies aimed at creating a more just and equitable society. IJ also conducts research and evaluation to advance understanding of effective justice practices and policies. The organization provides technical assistance and training to jurisdictions across the country seeking to implement evidence-based strategies.

Northeastern University
SCJC and UCI Center for Evidence-Based Corrections

The SCJC and UCI Center for Evidence-Based Corrections is a collaborative research effort between the University of California, Irvine and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations Statewide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee (SCJC). The Center focuses on conducting research to improve evidence-based practices in criminal justice and corrections, with the goal of enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism. The Center engages in a range of research activities, including the evaluation of programs and interventions, the development of policy recommendations, and the dissemination of research findings to criminal justice professionals and policymakers. The Center is dedicated to promoting effective, evidence-based solutions to the challenges facing the criminal justice system.

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