What is a Data Biograph?

A ‘data biograph’ is a biographical perspective of data containing, consisting, or relating to the facts and events affecting one’s life.

Our initial scope is data pertaining to one who is in or on a trajectory towards intersections of our behavioral health or, mental health and substance use disorder, system and our criminal-legal system.

We focus on identifying various data, data generators, data-keepers, and the barriers one faces when seeking a perspective about an individual that could help identify opportunities empower that person to avoid our criminal legal system altogether.

We seek to identify and inform stakeholders how the intentional or unintentional lack of access to such data impedes other’s ability to assist, direct, or at times impose living conditions upon another individual.

To that end, we work to identify solutions that provide the ability to discern decisions on an equitable basis, while simultaneously ensuring there are mechanisms in place to protect such data from misuse.