Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy 

When and where we will use AI…

We will identify any artificial intelligence-generated (AI) content on this website, including which element of the content contains AI. That is, we may identify organizations, classify them insofar as categories and tags but, may use AI when providing the organization and category descriptions. We will label all posts, resources, or other elements throughout the site to the best of our ability. 

This labeling is also dynamic as we will likely entirely replace content with human-generated content if we feel it is in the best interests of effectively serving you. 
Although we have initially done some due diligence to identify standards in identifying and crediting AI for similar business applications, we have yet to find a definitive standard to do so. Until that standard has been developed we will do our best to clearly identify AI content so you understand where content we provide originates. 

To that end, we believe such identification standards should guide AI companies generating AI content, as well as all content developers and consumers, to help us all better understand the sources of knowledge. 

At the present time, March 2023, we are relying on AI for descriptions of organizations, terms, phrases, categories, as well as for both behavioral health and criminal-legal system terminology. 

We’ll keep you posted on how we utilize AI as the development of this site progresses. You should be confident that, if not otherwise clearly identified, content on this site was authentically human sourced.

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