Probation is a period of supervised release granted to an individual in lieu of any incarceration, or before the end of their term of incarceration, subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

Prosecution – DA

Prosecution or District Attorney (DA) is a government-appointed lawyer who represents the state or government in criminal proceedings against individuals or organizations.

Peer Specialists

Peer specialists are individuals who use their lived experience with mental illness or addiction, or involvement in the criminal legal system, to provide support and guidance to others with similar experiences.

Detention & Corrections

Detention and corrections refer to the management of individuals who are held in custody before or after trial or sentenced to incarceration.

Emergency Medical

Emergency medical services (EMS) are trained medical professionals who provide emergency medical care to individuals in urgent or life-threatening situations.


Government refers to the system of organizations and institutions through which a society conducts its affairs and provides public services, including criminal justice and behavioral health.

Defense – Public Defender

Public defenders are government-appointed attorneys representing individuals in criminal cases who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. Private attorneys are hired by individuals to defend them.

Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services (HHS) is a government agency responsible for providing health and social services to individuals and families in need.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement refers to government agencies and officials responsible for enforcing laws, including policing, investigation, and prosecution of criminal activity.


Parole is the supervised release of an individual reentering the community before the end of their sentence, subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

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