Our Vision

We offer this vision though many aspects are not fully developed nor deployed. It is our ideal. This page will be forever morphing into a vision with a spirit of more widespread and collaborative knowledge sharing to ensure more equitable service delivery throughout the entire criminal-legal and behavioral health service delivery continuum.

We are building a toolkit empowering those that work at the intersections of county and city criminal-legal and behavioral health systems to build and sustain a library of maps, visualizations, and data of their organizations’ ecosystem of structures, systems, and processes.

There are many benefits and opportunities that could open up as more and more users within systems deploy this toolkit include:

  • Anyone can now use a standardized toolkit that provides a structured way for ecosystems to communicate visually
  • Maps developed in-house, including those with external stakeholders, remain in a centralized location, with versioning capabilities preventing the loss of valuable historical knowledge.
  • All stakeholders have a place to learn how entities within the greater county and private ecosystem operate.
  • Agencies can plug-in to a system that uses existing common nomenclature, standards, and naming conventions as well as customize their deployments to meet their unique needs
  • Agencies can use and share underlying mapping code and unique plug-ins under an open license

Other benefits include:


Ecosystems deploying this tool don’t have to conform, are not required to use symbols, terms, and templates we provide. Each entity that uses this toolkit can use their own graphics, symbols, terminology as they see fit. When considering a larger deployment users decide which modules to deploy. A forum to share ideas and visualizations, a library for key documents and records, like data-sharing agreements, procurement contracts, policies, or any pertinent record.


Stakeholders have the ability to both learn, understand, and better communicate and make more informed contributions to the conversation of improving our service delivery systems. Since much of this work involves both collaborative engagement and communicating results there are a number of opportunities for storytellers to engage. To that end we will work to sustain a community library of current research, demographics, and related statistics.

Agencies, Consultants, and Champions

The toolkit developed by the DataBiograph Community includes code and technical contributions, under the same or better licensing agreements, from a wide range of stakeholder participants from consulting, academic, advocacy disciplines as well as individual advocates and innovators.

It’s Open Source

Best of all, we’re developing this entire platform using open source software at every possible juncture. What does that mean? It means counties, cities, organizations, consultants, and advocates can customize shared code that meet their unique needs and have a vehicle to post that code in an open portal where others can review and utilize the same code.

Our code and incorporated contributions will be made available through GitHub (launching soon!).

Hosting and Maintenance

All of our tools and your teams work is hosted on our secure web-based platform or your own. That is, the entire platform can be hosted internally, accessible to any level of users your leadership deems appropriate. We encourage widespread accessibility but, understand some content would not be appropriate for publication.

Contributions Welcomed!

Our deployment will include a community forum where stakeholders can share their experiences, promising practices, contributions to the toolkit, and outcomes – positive or negative. Until that launches please share any contributions here.