Ecosystem Visualization Toolkit

communicate complex systems, processes, and workflows

Ecosystem Visualization Toolkit

Civic Mapping is prototyping a toolkit for government, service providers, advocacy organizations, and peers with lived experience who work at the intersections of the criminal-legal and behavioral health systems that are serving clients with mental illnesses, substance-use disorders, or those co-occurring.

We are developing this service from a consumer-centered whole person-focused perspective and focused on providing information, tools, and resources to help stakeholders dramatically reduce and eliminate the pipeline of people heading in to, currently residing within, and those exiting from our jails and prisons.

In the Spring of 2022 we are in the process of interviewing stakeholders from government courts, legal, and health systems, client service providers, and system-involved consumers and families to learn more about their experiences, needs, and ideas. We seek to identify the tools and services we will build first that will serve these stakeholders most effectively.

View sample maps San Diego County Agencies, Felony Intake, 911 and MCRT Call Paths, and BHAB Advisory Board maps used to illustrate the concept of adaptable and portable mapping.