Ecosystem Visualization Toolkit

communicate complex systems, processes, and workflows

Ecosystem Visualization Toolkit

We're building a toolkit targeting the phenomena best described as:

"...discretion given to individual system actors at each decision point in the system creates opportunities for racial biases to influence practices toward and outcomes for system-involved people. Racial biases are so deeply embedded in the criminal legal system that disparities based on race exist at each decision point, impacting subsequent decision points and resulting in negative outcomes for Black people and other people of color."

~Susan Nembhard and Lily Robin | Urban Institute +


Mapping existing and potential data integrations

Our pilot focuses on mapping the matrix of resources, data, and outcomes of our criminal-legal systems and that of select external entities, such as county behavioral health systems, to assess opportunities as a result of our more effectively integrating client, systems, programming, and outcomes data.

We anticipate this work will inform system administrators, reform advocates, and policymakers by identifying and championing innovative opportunities that streamline information exchange and resulting in drastically reducing the number of incarcerated and the intake rates of new and recidivist men, women, and children.

Explore the map for San Diego County.

Our overarching principles

The primary social principle driving our work is to eliminate existing racial and socioeconomic disparities of those pushed or otherwise drawn towards, engaged in, recovering from, or otherwise affected by, our criminal-legal system.

A primary system principle is that our work will be done on an open-source basis to encourage stakeholders, from internal or external advocates and practitioners, to have conversations and take actions that ultimately result in drastically reducing our incarcerated population.

If you are interested in participating in this early stage, or interested in our findings, please let us know.